Dr. Sadeghi’s Executive Coaching
I develop individualized behavioral coaching programs for executives to enhance managerial skills and their effectiveness. My approach has unique value, in that it marries psychological science with organizational behavior. Tailored to meet the needs of each executive or business owner, the coaching has roots in the fields of personality assessment, emotional intelligence, stress and anger management, executive effectiveness, and growth. The goal is to build the individual’s self-awareness, coping skills, and managerial capacity. 

Family businesses, or multi-generational family businesses, can be some of the most conflict laden and problematic environments. There are often covert alliances in management teams, unhealthy levels of conflict, and passive aggressive behavior. 

Personal and interpersonal dynamics often express themselves in the workplace. Different communication styles, expectations of appreciation, favorite child/coworker experiences, feelings of value and self-worth, and compliance versus risk-taking personalities, are some of the common expressions. Most people agree, that the primary area in our life where our maladaptive relationship and coping skills show up, is in our relationship with our spouse, or our boyfriend or girlfriend. In my experience, the second most common area is at the workplace, with our boss and supervisor. No other relationship in our adult life, possess the potency and power, where we are personally impacted by praise or criticism. Because I work within a “Win-Win” modality, I help upper management with the necessary psychological understanding required to manage the personalities within their group, to help achieve the required goals for everyone’s success. I also help my clients, who are having problems at work, identify where they need to make the necessary changes, in order to advance their career goals. 

With my 23 plus years of experience as a psychotherapist, intermixed with my current and past successful business ventures, I help my clients identify their strengths and weaknesses, the psychological factors, career and organizational developments, and personal hopes and stressors that have shaped their individual educational and professional performance. With this awareness, my clients can create straightforward communication skills, healthy and constructive conflict resolution patterns, and a work-life that is more enjoyable. 

General Issues Include:

  • Work/Life Integration
  • Stress Management
  • Communicating with Empathy
  • Effective Expression of Leadership
  • Self-Confidence
  • Assertiveness (vs. Aggression)
  • Career Path Planning
  • Professional Presence
  • Time Management