If you have a recurring problem or issue that is affecting the quality of your life, you owe it to yourself to seek assistance. I have helped hundreds of individuals and families face their challenges and overcome difficulties to lead a more positive, fulfilling life. 

Individual Therapy
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Adolescent Therapy
Therapy for Seniors
Pre-marital Therapy
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Stress Management

Individuals are under more pressure than ever before with demands from family, work, extended family and social demands. It’s not only natural, but normal, to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Our therapists can help you deal with a variety of issues and presenting problems including depres-sion, anxiety, sleep difficulties, stress related symptoms, drug dependence, loneliness, low self esteem, phobias, shyness, and weight control. We respect the unique worth and potential of the person and will help in a non-judgmental way no matter the situation. 

When the lines of communication are severely severed or trust has been broken, a couple often needs outside assistance to get back on track. Sometimes the issues have persisted for so long that one or both partners have withdrawn emotionally and physically or even attack each other verbally or physically. These attacks often cause hurt and pain, and there are often persistent feelings of disappointment in the marriage. Marital therapy helps rebuild the relationship from the ground up and emphasizes the role of direct, clear verbal and non-verbal communication. The therapist serves as the guide to help the couple redefine and clarify the goals of the marriage so they may reach a more fulfilling relationship. 

Because problems and issues rarely happen in isolation, it is often most beneficial to work with the family as a whole to gain a complete picture of the circumstance or crisis being faced. Working with families is important to give everyone a voice and to help identify and reinforce the strengths within the family and work on the limitations. The therapeutic power often lies in tackling the inequalities in which many conflicts arise and helping each member attain the emotional support they crave. 

Adolescence is a trying time for both teenagers andtheir families. The teenager’s constant attempts to exert independence are often met by parental and societal roadblocks. Therapy focuses on identifying the teen’s strengths, identifying roadblocks to deter-mine if they are actually halting their growth. Parents are taught how to avoid nagging and/or using physical force and threats and use effective discipline. The result is a happier, peaceful coexistence among parents and teens. 

There are several concerns and transitions that people face as they age chronologically. Becoming older involves changes in various personal roles and capacities as well as transitions in families and environment. Older adults experience a variety of issues including a change in physical and mental capacities, becoming a grandparent, changing family roles, passing on family traditions to the next generation, financial issues, loss of friends, and death of a spouse or partner. Proper assessment and psychological treatment can help seniors achieve and maintain a personally rewarding, happy, and satisfying life. 

n all our vast system of educational, religious and social institutions, there is often no place for people to learn about and explore their own ideas about what they expect from love, marriage, sex and intimacy. They often rush into marriage with unrealistic expectations without thinking through what they really want in a mate and what they will offer in exchange. Pre-marital therapy offers the opportunity to explore these issues, to ask questions about themselves and their mate, and lay the groundwork that will ensure a happy life together. Becoming clear on expectations will ultimately help couples establish healthy lines of communication. Pre-marital therapy is appropriate for both first and subsequent marriages and blended families. 

Often when couples are experiencing difficulties in their relationship, their intimate relationship suffers. Or, if one partner withdraws sexually, the other is left feeling insecure and confused. Sex therapy can help couples deal with issues regarding their sexual relationship openly and directly. Common issues dealt with during sex therapy include premature ejaculation, impotence, orgasmic difficulties, and lack of sexual desire. A combination of situation counseling, guided imagery, behavioral prescriptions, and step-by-step approximation and communication training are often beneficial to help couples seeking sex therapy. 

Stress can manifest itself in a number of direct and indirect ways. Left unmanaged, it can cause or lead to actual physical and emotional ailments that can weaken the individual at a physical and emotional level. Although stress cannot be eliminated completely, it can be managed skillfully and creatively. Treatment techniques include biofeedback, self-hypnosis, guided imagery, and modification of habits that contribute to anxiety, depression, and tension plus discussion of positive habits that reduce stress such as meditation and exercise.